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Eight out of ten Americans use the Internet to find health-related information – that includes finding providers. If your practice doesn’t have a dental website, you could be missing out on a huge segment of potential patients. These days, a well-designed, user-friendly website can mean the difference between a new patient sitting down in your dental chair or that patient going to a competing practice for their dental care.

44% of users go to the Internet looking for information and reviews about their health professionals.

The importance of dental websites extends much farther than just letting community members know your address and telephone number. When that 80 percent of patients do an Internet search for dentists in their area, you want to do everything you can to get your dental practices’ name in front of them.

Your dental website is the marketing tool that will either bring in or turn away patients. It’s also the place they will go to learn about the doctor, the staff and all of the latest dental technology that is used in the practice.

There are a number of features that can be included on your website that will not only increase your patient load but also help decrease staff time and showcase your professional skill.

Dental Website Design Features

Dental Practice Information

These days, patients expect their health care providers to have a website. It’s the place they go to learn crucial information about your practice prior to their appointment. A dentist website  can include a wealth of information about what your patients can expect before they walk through your door.

Your website should include information about which insurance plans you accept and details about your financial policies Patients may also want to know about the equipment you use in the office. Do you offer computerized anesthesia? What about nitrous oxide? What teeth whitening services do you offer in your practice? Dental websites are also the prefect place to outline the doctor’s educational and professional experience.

Online Forms

No one likes sitting in a waiting room filling out forms. A great way to utilize your dental website is to add new patient forms online. Patients can either go to your website to download and print the forms to be filled out prior to an appointment, or they can directly enter their information into a secure, HIPAA-compliant form that dental staff then manually transfers over into your practice management software system.

Testimonials and Reviews

Your dental website design can also include testimonials and reviews from current patients who have had a good experience with your dental practice.  Forty-four percent of users go to the Internet looking for information and reviews about their health professionals. When they search for that information, be sure you have your best patients telling them why they should visit your practice through your dentist website.

Original Content

Along with good design, your dental practice website needs clear, concise dental SEO copy that outlines your practice’s services and areas of specialty. Prodentite can help provide quality content that communicates important information to your patients, while also helping you increase your organic search results. Good content means higher search rankings, more page views and ultimately, more patients.

We wouldn’t trust our teeth to anyone but a dental expert. Don’t trust your dental web design to anyone but a dental marketing specialist. Contact us today to learn more about how Prodentite can help craft a beautiful, user-friendly and optimized website for your dental practice. Please view Prodentite’s dental website design portfolio.

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