Local Search Optimization

Google has realized in the past few years that websites for local businesses are completely different than e-commerce websites (and other industries). Google began to display search results for local businesses differently by including Google Map results, reviews and localized results.

We specialize in dental SEO, which in turn, means we specialize in local SEO.

Dental Website Optimization

Local SEO and Citations

Ranking factors for local SEO include citations (mentions of your business name), and your address and phone number (commonly known as your NAP).

It’s critical that your NAP be consistent and accurate. This is a big issue in dentistry. Many practices have rebranded, relocated or added (and lost) associates. There’s a lot of information online that is inaccurate about your business.

This is where citation building comes into play. We determine appropriate NAP for your business. Then we build citations, which include local business listings.

Unlike some of the larger citation-building providers, we build citations on your behalf. It’s important to clarify this. Some providers require you to sign up for their services and when you cancel their service, you lose access to your local business listings.

We’ll claim and optimize the top local business listings for you. Once we’re finished, we’ll give you the username and login for you to access these in case you ever need to edit them.

With us, you’re in control of your business information. As the business owner, you must take control of your online presence. We’ll help you achieve this.