Paid Advertising

In addition to local SEO and organic search results (search engine optimization), another way potential patients will find out about your dental practice online is through paid advertising, also called pay-per-click or PPC.

There are a variety of different ways to create paid placement advertising online. Prodentite focuses on helping its dental clients place ads on two of the largest ad network platforms seen by viewers: Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

PPC for Dentists
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Google AdWords

Google is one of the largest display ad networks in the United States. According to statistics, Google’s ad display network reaches 89 percent of customers through a variety of websites, games and videos.

Just like organic results, paid placement through Google is tied to the search words a user types into the Google search engine. If someone types in “dentists Charlotte”, ads with the keywords “dentists Charlotte” will come up on the right hand side of the page and at the top, above local and organic results. The good thing about using Google Adwords is you get to choose the placement of your ad so it can show up on the first page of search results, which means more visibility for you and your dental practice.

Prodentite can help you do everything from setting up your Google Adwords account, to helping you choose the most relevant keywords, to writing an ad that will get you the best click through rate, all within your specified budget. Let Prodentite manage your Google Adwords campaign and get the most bang for your pay-per-click buck.