Website Optimization

Onsite SEO refers to everything on/in your website. The content, the site structure, the age of your website, etc.

Onsite SEO is the first thing to address. If you already have a website, we’ll conduct an in-depth SEO audit on your website. We’ll uncover any issues like broken links, duplicate content, unoptimized pages (meta titles and meta tags), etc.

Think of this stage as finding and fixing any self-inflicted issues. Once we have these problems fixed, we’ll continue optimizing your website. We’ll setup your Google Webmaster Tools, if you haven’t yet done that. We’ll also setup Google Analytics for tracking visitors and accomplishing goals (like requesting an appointment).

Dental Website Optimization
WordPress SEO dentists


While we prefer to work with clients who have WordPress websites, we’ll consider prospective clients who don’t use WordPress on a case-by-case acceptance.

This may be a time when it would be a good idea to convert your current site to a WordPress website.

Once your onsite SEO is taken care of, you’ll need to address everything outside your website.